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Med Food espositori refrigerati

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Too bulky Fridges? Med Food refrigerated displays are designed for your space

Med Food particularly cares about the need of those who have to manage the space to be dedicated to refrigerated counters or showcases and offers compact and effective solutions without penalizing the fresh product on display.

We all experience it, in our experience as consumers: we wander around in supermarket aisles increasingly populated by various proposals, often presented in the fridge "crowded" with products of various kinds and in bulky and ineffective displays in the visual presentation of the content.


Med Food has studied various solutions aimed exactly at this double need: on the one hand to display products in an organized and effective way and on the other to use refrigerated displays that have a minimum footprint and occupy a small space.

The advantage is manifold: the producer is guaranteed clear communication and maximum usability of the product displayed, at the point of sale effectiveness and optimization of the occupied surface.


How is it possible to combine better product visibility with little space occupied and without decreasing the quantity of product displayed?

Let's go into more detail.


Let's take for example two models of the Med Food offer: Iceland 8070 and a more traditional refrigerated display unit with tub or island.

Both have the same containment capacity but have substantial differences. The Iceland model, with display-merchandising with possible visibility of the content up to 360 ° and footprint on the Med Food project, allows the product to be displayed in its entirety, making it visible from multiple sides and down to the last unit on display. It is also extremely compact and easy to place in different display points. Compared to a traditional model and with the same products on display, it not only makes it possible to optimize the useful space but also to improve the visibility and usability of the product.

Or let's talk about the Med Food vertical refrigerated display units, solutions that allow products to be divided by uniform SKU, thus facilitating not only the consumer in the picking phase but also the supply and traceability of the products sold.

Models such as Kili 45L and Soprazero 216 are examples of how to optimize space with a vertically developed shape, facilitating a differentiated offer thanks to variable and multi-level shelves, as well as strong customization and visibility of your brand.


So refrigerated display cases too bulky? Contact us with our quick-fill form: let us know what your space problems are and we will give you some interesting tips.



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noleggio espositori refrigerati Med Food - 25 anni di attività

MED FOOD: 25 YEARS aimed at supporting your product and promoting your Brand


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To all our customers, thank you!


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- our offices nr +39 059.8638105 





YOU HAVE TO LAUNCH A NEW PRODUCT… do you spend or invest? Let's make a hypothesis together



Let's say your company is about to launch a new product.

After evaluating with Med Food the most suitable refrigerated display model for the enhancement of your new proposal and customization for your brand ... arrive at the final evaluation: buy or rent the new displays for the product launch?

Let's also assume that you have a budget for the possibility of allocating a maximum of 10,000 Euros and that the marketing plan for the promotion of the new product includes a launch period of 3 months.


The accounts are quickly made:

if you choose the traditional purchase, the full amount will allow you to get hold of 10 exhibitors, the new product will be exhibited for a period of three months, after which the exhibitors will remain your property.

With the same 10,000 Euros, if you choose the rental with Med Food instead, you will have 30 exhibitors available and only for the months useful to you: this will mean a more widespread presence on the market, the possibility of presiding over more Sales Points, generating a greater volume of business and therefore a better Cash Flow. And not only that… during the launch campaign you will be able to change the model in those stores where, depending on the sales volumes, it will be considered suitable to make replacements.




SHALL I SPEND OR INVEST? can you really evaluate advantages and disadvantages of the traditional purchase?

The market has already experimented with the alternative to purchasing and has recognized great financial and logistical advantages for rental, but everything has been limited mainly to the car market. Short, long or medium-term rentals have made us discover that the rental allows great savings and great conveniences. So why not think of this solution also for the refrigerated display? You may find out that the benefits are many more. Med Food believed in it and we have perfected a rental proposal that can demonstrate that this solution is a real investment.

So, do you prefer to spend or to invest?


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